Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

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Correios de Portugal Services: Free Shipping on all orders.

Options: Delivery to your address.
Delivery time: 1 to 5 working days.

Obligation to place the recipients' mobile phone number, which they will receive
“alerts” sms throughout the order circuit, being able to change the place of delivery, the
day and time.
The costs of these changes will be borne by the recipient.
In the impossibility of delivery to the recipient, he will receive an SMS warning, informing
to go to the nearest CTT Store and/or CTT point, to proceed with your pick up, within 5 days, at which time the order will be returned to the sender.


Portuguese Islands: 

Options: Delivery to your address.
Delivery time: 

Madeira: from 5 up to 10 days 

Açores: from 7 up to 15 days

There is no “alert” sms.
If it is impossible to deliver to the recipient, the latter will receive a notice to contact the
CTT Expresso Operational Center.

Shipping cost:

Madeira : 10 euros

Açores: 8 euros



Options: Delivery to your address.
Delivery time: from 5 up to 7 working days.

Home delivery from the 3rd working day in more than 20 European countries
No sms “alerts”.

Shipping Cost:

Zone 2:

Up To 2 kg: 20 euros;

From 2.01 kg up to 5 kg: 30 euros.

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Switzerland.

Zone 3:

Up To 2 kg: 30 euros;

From 2.01 kg up to 5 kg: 40 euros.

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Poland, Sweden.


Shipping to the rest of the world contact us