About Us

Authenticity, Tradition, Communion!

Sense Tailor is a brand created by its founder Catarina Palhares, who spontaneously emerged from her self-expression and her "relationship of pure fascination with shoes, as an object of catharsis and beauty!

By wearing shoes that we identify with, we are affirming the reflection of our personality, we are wearing what we are and beauty lies in being ourselves!

Our brand strives to create collections that "take on" the personality of people who appreciate deepening the art of living in communion with their intrinsic nature and mother nature!

Our philosophy is based primarily on the creation of unique shoes, with superior quality and supreme attention to detail!

Our concept is closely linked to the construction of handmade shoes that tell a story! It is a story of effort, process, time spent and the loving hands of our craftsmen.

Handcrafted models unmistakably convey the craftsman's love for his art!
This Savoir Faire, handed down from generation to generation, is a story of people who love what they do!

All our shoes are produced by artisans from Portuguese communities and are a true rescue of human history, old-fashion, quality instead of quantity, heritage instead of novelty!

Our brand is designed and crafted by people for people, and we are deeply grateful when our shoes also become part of your story!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Catarina Palhares
                                                                                            Creative Director